Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sometimes life's a gas !!!

Digestion...Not the funnest topic to discuss but it's completely necessary!! Having digestion issues are more common than you think. From people having IBS or leaky gut to auto-immune disorders such as Crohn's or Celiac disease. It's hardly a sexy subject but sometimes you need to spill the beans and open up to others about your tummy troubles!

So what is digestion really?
Digestion is the process of eating food, breaking it down mechanically with the teeth and stomach, and biochemically with the use of stomach acid(hydrochloric acid), digestive enzymes and bile. From there its absorbed through the lining of the small intestine, where the vast majority of absorptive action takes place.

All of the broken down proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients you have absorbed can be taken up and used by all the cells of your body so you can live your daily life and passing it through the system in order for you to get rid of food waste, metabolic byproducts like spent hormones, cholesterol and inflammatory compounds, and other such unsavory waste products.

Over two thirds of the entire immune system resides in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which makes sense because a lot of the things that can harm us come to us through what we eat, swallow or drink. In our stomachs we have a 100 trillion of good bacteria known as the microbiome. They play a large role in communicating and coordinating with your immune system. They help protect against everything from food poisoning to autoimmune disease to allergies and ear infections. When they are stressed, the body can feel the effects in every system which include brain and nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the lungs, the genitourinary system, the endocrine/hormonal system and so on. This is why proper digestive health and function is a cornerstone of overall health and optimal well being.

So what can you do to help combat tummy troubles ??

-Do a cleanse to eliminate toxins out of your gut and start fresh every 3 months. Right now I am doing the 24 day Challenge though AdvoCare and I have to say I feel better already. Your gut is connected to all other areas of your body so when your gut is compromised so are many other areas! By doing a mild cleanse it will help heal and replenish my GI for better functioning. Find the 24 day challenge here :

-Avoid foods your body is sensitive too!! The most common culprits are gluten (found in wheat, barley and rye), dairy products (all products containing milk), soy, beans and legumes, sugar alcohols and fake sweeteners (Splenda, maltitol, etc) and nightshades ( tomatoes, peppers, white potatoes).

-Take a digestive enzyme pill to help the body to break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates more effectively through the use of stomach acid, enzyme and bile.

-Take a pro-biotic supplement. The job of the small intestine is to let certain particles into the body and keep others out. When this integrity is breached, there is an abnormal immune response, leading to inflammation, food sensitivities and potentially malabsorption and nutrient insufficiencies. The pro-biotic helps to increase the healthy bacteria in your gut!

Whats a Wednesday without a workout ??

3 rounds for time !
run .25 miles
-10 burpee
-15 squat to high pull
-20 pushups
-25 one arm row ( 25 / arm)
-30 switch lunges !!

then when you complete this circuit do:
-kettlebell swings and sit ups !
** do 40 swings, 40 situps, 30 swings etc.

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