Monday, September 15, 2014


When you exercise, you are working out to build stamina, build muscle, feel confident, and increase your performance. But did you know that you also need to exercise your mind? Yes, you need to exercise your mind because your mind is a powerful tool not only in training but in order to keep you sane and on a path to success! If you do not practice self-love or acceptance all your hard work and efforts can feel defeating or not as satisfying if you do not appreciate your own self worth.

Be thankful for what you do have. So many times we automatically only see the negative in every situation we forget how much we really do have. Try to change your mindset to seeing the positive in ALL yes ALL situations. This will not only make you see the beautiful things in your life but it will also make you appreciate all the little things that are not such a big deal after all. Each day we are alive is a blessing and we need to start seeing life in that way!

* I challenge you to find 3 positive things each morning, midday and night! This will help you to really focus in on what is truly important in your life.

We are often way to hard on ourselves and focus only on the negative. What we see and what others see are way different. We need to start viewing ourselves as valuable women and that we are worth everything this world has to offer!! The easiest way is to stay in the moment and find something to keep us grounded. Using mantras are a great way to do this. It allows us to keep a positive mindset when things start getting rough.
*I challenge you to find a mantra or quote that means something important to you. When you find yourself in a situation that is difficult or bringing you down, repeat that mantra or quote in your head until the positive is flowing through you.

Acceptance is hard, acceptance of yourself in the moment is the hardest thing you might have to do. You need to accept yourself in the moment that you are in RIGHT NOW, not where you want to be. Life is a journey in little steps. Sometimes those steps are nice and close and other time they are far leaps that take time, You need to enjoy the journey at all steps!
* I challenge you to find a phrase that you can say when you are feeling less than accepting or might I say an "ugly" day. Own your moment, own your life!

As humans we tend to take on more than we can chew and overextend ourselves in so many areas of our lives we forget that we have priority too! Make sure that you are making yourself a priority and set time away each day to do that. Do something nice for yourself. Paint your nails, go for a walk, take a bath or just sitting in silence for a few minutes can help you reconnect to yourself.
* I challenge you to make time for YOU ! Yes put yourself on that To-DO list that you have and find time for you each and every day !

Life is about living! Don't let the little thing interfere with your self love ! Be true to yourself and accept yourself and your journey along the way!

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