Monday, September 29, 2014

Negativity Cleanse

I Sara am CHALLENGING YOU..... yes you, to a 7 Day Negativity Cleanse !!! #negativitycleanse

I know this is not going to be easy. I know this will take time and commitment from each and every one of you in order to excel at this challenge. Being an overall positive person SEEMS easy enough but how many times during the day do you feel that something negative has got you down? For me, one comment or action that has a negative effect can impact my ENTIRE day... that needs to stop !!

Each and every day we have the ability to choose to make it an amazing day or not. We own the day as soon as we arise!!! In order for this cleanse to be effective we need to lay some ground rules for all of us !!! We need to make it a point to cleanse you mind, your relationships, work, and entertainment.

First off, create a positive mantra ! This is my mantra for the week:

~~I have enough, I do enough, I AM ENOUGH~~

If you are participating in this 7 day cleanse, please post your mantra in the comment box to show your support for one another !!

Now we need to USE this mantra every single time a negative thought comes into play. When ever you have a negative though replace it IMMEDIATELY with your mantra !!!

Secondly, cleanse your surroundings. This may be the people around you, your work space, home life... Anything that you feel can create a toxic environment for you get rid of it !!!

Third, choose something positive to do that will create change in your routine. Go for a walk on the beach, read a good book, go out with friends for coffee, and clean out the clutter in your life !!!

At the end of the night I want you to review what you did that day and decide how this improved the world one small positive change at a time !

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