Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to make a HEALTHY lifestyle fit into your LIFE !

How to make a healthy lifestyle really a lifestyle!! Many people enter the gym with a vague goal of "losing weight". That definition varies greatly between you and I. If you really and truly want to commit to a healthier lifestyle you need to start living that lifestyle each day. It will not be easy. You will hit minor setbacks and you will find out what people and things are toxic to your health. You might even lose some friends from becoming healthy but it's their loss if they do that !!! But I have seen it happen. You are company you keep and if you want a healthy life the people who surround you the most are the ones you want to have for support and encouragement along the way ! Here are ten habits to adopt if you want to live a healthy and fit life !!!

1.) Start your day off with a protein filled breakfast each and every day !!! You need the protein for your brain ! The amino acids delivered from the protein supply the neurotransmitters in your brain. Stay away from those sugary cereals as they will just lead to a huge crash within 20 minutes of eating it !!!

2.) Make exercise something FUN not a chore. You are more likely to stick to a exercise routine if you enjoy it !! Yes training should be challenging but it needs to be if you want to see results !

3.) Have a vision of the future of what your goals are and focus on that! If you cannot picture your life as healthy and fit you will never achieve that state of being !!

4.) Food and training go hand and hand. You need to see food as FUEL for your workouts ! If you are working out hard but not eating to support those workouts they you are only half into your healthy lifestyle !!!

5.) Cooking healthy does NOT have to be boring! Experimenting with flavors and spices is the key to not getting bored with your food. There are so many great ways to spice up your meals and make them appetizing all the time !!

6.) Be positive every day ! If you are grateful, positive, and happy your life will encompass that !! If you are happy with where you are at now, you will be more determined to continue to strive for more success in the future !!

7.) Make sure you sleep 7-8 hours ! This is the magic number ! Those that live on the hamster wheel and never take time out for themselves are often the ones with excess abdominal (or
belly) fat, the bit that people call their stubborn area. Take some time for YOU and relax !

8.) Plan and Prepare !! I cannot stress this enough! You need to plan your meals and prepare them the night before. It will make it simple and easy to chose healthy meals because they are made. Take that extra time to do this !!!

9.) Make healthy living a PRIORITY not just a fad. If I ask you to list the top 5 priorities in your life right now you would probably have a list that looks like this :work, spending time with their wife/husband, visiting parents, taking the children to events or spending time with them, spending time with friends, participating in hobbies, nights out partying etc. You need to want to live the life of health or it will get lost in all the other things !

10.) You are the company you keep ! You need to surround your life with healthy people and relationships !!! Find people who support you and your healthy lifestyle. Choose activities that will help keep you on track to a healthy life !! You are your own person !! Stand up for your life by choosing to make healthy decisions !!

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