Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Coping with major changes is the hardest part of adapting a new program into your life. Now it can be something simple as deciding to start a new fitness/nutritional change or as large as a major move and life adaptation. No matter what the circumstance is you go through some pretty rough stages before finally settling into it for long lasting results to happen.

I feel the hardest part about change is fear. Fear can be debilitating in sticking to your efforts, but I totally understand how hard change is. I myself am making HUGE changes in my life. It is SCARY and most of you already know my struggles. But the good news is we can all work together to accomplish anything.

The way you handle fear can have an impact on you if you decide to let it to. If you find every little set back as a failure well....I think you need to re-evaluate your stress levels because life is always throwing a curve-ball somewhere ! Now if you decide to use set backs as growing/learning experiences then you have a better chance at continuing for changes in your life because you are more open to them.

When you hit a road block first look at all the possible outcomes BEFORE freaking out about it! Most of the time we just fear the unknown but if you can identify what might happen then you just identified the unknown. Secondly, learn to think in a positive way about EVERY , yes EVERY situation. If you train your brain to automatically chose positive thoughts nothing can stand in your way. Last, keep a vision board close by. It doesn't have to be huge but at least something that can keep you motivated and on track !!!

Change is good! I keep saying that to myself and I hope that you find making changes as positive ones and live your life to the fullest extent possible!!!

Have a beautiful day !!!

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