Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Easy Upgrades for Muscle Growth !

5 upgrades to your fitness routine that will enhance muscle growth!!!

“Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.” This is totally true in the fitness world with so many exercises available how do we know which exercises are truly effective and which are just a waste of time! Check out some simple swaps for your fitness routine!

Leg Extensions are an isolated quad movement. More than likely a staple to your leg day routine. To make this more efficient try super-setting it with a goblet squat or front squat. The goblet/front squat forces you to maintain a rigid, upright posture, the front squat decreases the contribution from the glutes, leaving the quads to do most of the work. Talk about an upgrade !

Barbell upright rows using a wide or narrow grip causes your traps to be heavily activated. The upright row holds the shoulder joint at a shoulder flexion and external rotation which may cause problems in your shoulder joint. Next time do shoulder presses immediately followed by shrugs. Not only will it be easier on you joints but you will hit a larger range of motion !

Lying leg curls are another one of those isolated movements that is only targeting a small and limited amount of muscles. Try adding in Romanian dead-lifts. This powerhouse move will activate more muscle fibers and help you create that backside booty that you want!

Doing countless hours of abs is pointless and so are doing side bends. Next time try one arm farmer carries. This mover forces you to hold some tension, Our bodies are not designed to pull heavy weights in flexion but walking with one dumbbell or kettle-bell might do the trick as you need to have a constant counterbalance as you walk !!

The infamous kipping pullup! Now don't get all offended that I am saying doing kipping pullups are not the most EFFECTIVE way to build back strength. However, they are EFFICIENT! When having to do 50 - 100 pullups yes the kipping pullup is a great way to maintain speed! When trying to build muscle you want to add in assisted pullups until you can do them by yourself.


Run 400 meters(.25 of a mile)
-25 push presses
-25 back squat
-50 sit up

Run 400 meters
-20 push presses
-20 back squat
-40 sit up

Run 400 meters
-15 push presses
-15 back squat
-30 situps

Run 400 meters

Enjoy today !! Remember to embrace positivity and pay it forward !! Make today the day that you inspire someone else !!

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